The Role of the Euroblogosphere in a context of a European Public Sphere.

Javier Ruiz Soler


Abstract: This article aims to illuminate the perception of Spanish and English language bloggers and to understand them and their activities from the analytical perspective of an online European Public Sphere (EPS). The research, using a methodology of semi structured online interviews, answers how these bloggers, based on the interviews, do they perceive to be the key attributes of the EPS, including its major strengths and problems. The findings give evidence of what is it the role of the Euroblogosphere in the online EPS, and its contribution of more democratic debate. Following is presented present part of the research done by myself about the Euroblogosphere. This paper focuses in the space and role of Euroblogosphere in the EPS and its contribution to the democratisation of the debate by the opinion and experiences of the own bloggers. The main conclusion is that the Euroblogosphere is growing in size, participating in the democratization of the debate, but its influence is still limited.

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